Pisitakun is an experimental musician and multimedia artist based in Bangkok. His works reflect different layers of political and historical events, looping synthetic sounds while also incorporating traditional mourning instruments.  In 2019 he toured Europe, performed at the CTM festival in Berlin and did a show in MKC Kombinat in Belgrade.


Can you introduce us to your sound? What are your influences? 

Most of my sound come from 3 structures. The First was like a experimental sound. I try to develop the sound from scratch. Listen and change it to what i like to here or sometimes just try to destroy and see what will happen. The Second – I like to mix so many sounds at the same time. For example: use the sound from video clip or recorded from somewhere. I like to hear the sound from daily life or some important situation for the concept of that song I make. The Third part is the concept of that song – I like to work on the concept. Most of the time when I want to work on song I try to think what I want to say.  But it’s not very strict. It’s kind of creation of  the whole structure from concept.

For the influences – I have so many haha. Because I like to change my perception all the time. Most of my influences depend on what I like at that time. But I can say it comes from my daily and political situation.

What is the backstory behind your albums Black Country and SOSLEEP, released on Chinabot record?

Black country is more emotional reflection of the political situation of our country. And Sosleep it more like a personal situation – the album was recorded when my Dad past away.

One of  your projects is „We are neighbours“, gathering musicians and artists from the region, such as Setabuhan and Gabber Modus Operandi. Can you tell me about the idea and whom would you like to invite next?

The neighbors collective formed by me and Jib is trying to create the platform for  experimental music in Southeast Asia . We do the broadcast on FB, and also the idea behind it is that we want to introduce cool music from our neighbors in Southeast Asia to Thai people and connect between the countries because we are neighbours. This year we will pause the project a bit because of Covid -19, maybe next year we try to plan more things.

Your live shows sound pretty different from your albums. Do you separate improvising and composing?

Normally for my live set I will do the structure that what i want to play live. Like a 1-4 part. When i play 1 part I try to improvise the sound on the mood from what is happening there and try to connect part 2 when I think it is ready and do like that in part 3 and part 4 the same. That´s why the sound seems different from albums, but I can say it’s the same structure but different sound and mood because I want the live set more depending on the feeling during performing.

What is the most calming sound for you which can be found in nature? Can you tell us an anecdote about some of your experiences?

I´m not sure what is the calming sound from nature because i always thought that sound always makes noise to me hahaha.  I like the sound of birds in Bangkok and it´s very noisy. Maybe because I live in capital and the sound is always noise. Most of calming sound for me happen when I’m super drunk and start play my music and go to sleep. 😉

Can you name a few tracks that are oscillating between your ears recently?

Now I love to listen to the remix of Isaan song and the new Isaan Indy. It’s local music from northeast of Thailand.

How would the top 5 track-list of your grandparents (or their generation) look like?

So good question hahah. Because I love the song from their generation so much.

What are your current projects? Can you tell us something about Iconoclastor?

Now I´m in the making of a new album called Absolute C.O.U.P. It will be released on Chinabot in June or July. And doing the Iconoclastor project. For Iconoclastor project I try to mix everything what I´m interested in – Art/Music/ politics/ comics/ fashion and so on. This project itself is more about politics in Thailand. And we make the shop and sale everything regarding the project. We try to make an income cycle for creating small Iconoclastor projects in the future.

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